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SPACE was developed by the senior team at IgnitionUX to help store owners blend the critical front line disciplines of digital marketing with the essential elements of CRO & UX. The outcome is a structured program you can trust and rely on for results.

Reduce Agency Management

SPACE centralises conversion and UX activity helping management teams reduce the overheads associated with disparate, multi-agency services.

Through our auditing work over many years, SPACE has built up a vast library of knowledge. We understand what is critical to store success and via the program, deliver this knowledge back to clients through our agency partnerships.

SPACE is a program, not an Agency.

SPACE primarily develops frameworks, processes and software applications which are built into our core offer – and then deployed by our Google premium agency partners. This allows us to focus on improving the program and our partners to focus on service delivery. This means that clients get the best of both worlds:

a) SPACE ensures your long term strategic growth stays on track and isn’t pulled apart by day to day business needs.

b) Our agency partners deliver the SPACE program and also make sure that all your day to day service needs are catered for.

3 Year Program Development

The program has been up and running since the summer of 2021 and took approximately 3 years to reach that point. It is under continual development and improvement.

We primarily enjoy building tools and frameworks for both Search and CRO service delivery and coming up with new ideas to support our agency partners and clients alike.

Agency Partnerships

We have a growing list of agency partners delivering the SPACE program. If you would like to join them, please get in touch and we can plug you in!


Ignition Search

Ignition is an award winning, results driven performance digital marketing agency.
We are fanatical experts in search and website user experience, targeting and converting customers to bring a step change in growth for online businesses and organisations.

1 in 2 Ecommerce Searches are Informational!

One in two eCommerce searches are for information. Before users buy a product, they look for as much information on the product as possible. This is an opportunity for brands to get more traffic and more conversions. SearchMetrics

Increase Margins, Increase Profitability

Pricing monitoring initiatives can return 2%-7% increase in business margins and a 200-350% average growth in ROI over a 12-month period (Deloitte.)

Pricing Matters

According to an October 2019 survey of U.S. online users, 70 percent of respondents stated that competitive pricing was the most important factor that influenced them to shop with a particular online retailer.

SPACE Builds Revenue

SPACE client Jackson Woodturners generated over 1,000 new customer orders via the GRAVITY platform in 2021!

The Pareto Principal

In our experience typically <5% of store skus can dictate up to 50% of site revenue and are therefore vital battlegrounds to keep tabs on. EUROPA focuses efforts here.

Vufold Generate £0.5M in new business!

Leading bifold door manufacturer Vufold generated £0.5m additional revenue from their GRAVITY website content marketing efforts through 2021.

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