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Your flight deck

Our library of proprietary tools and frameworks navigate your store through the invisible strategy barriers impacting your ability to grow. Your flight deck supports the growth of the project and ensures it stays on track at all times.



Our flagship competitor price monitoring tool used by our project management team to provide up to the minute intelligence on competitor movements in your key product battlegrounds.


SPACE has built its own headless Content Marketing platform allowing clients to quickly build a tangible and revenue generating asset for their business. GRAVITY can be plugged into your Shopify or Magento store seamlessly and once deployed, GRAVITY content will start to attract shoppers into your sales funnel.



Jupiter Framework
This framework provides support for paid search teams. The framework covers Shopping, Dynamic Search Ads, Brand Bidding & bid management strategies within the Google Ads platform. The aim of the framework is to promote growth, top Sku’s and provide increased visibility for niche / high margin products.

Current Release: Jupiter V5 (available for client review on request)


Core / Core + Technical Framework
This covers routine processes around Google Search Console, errors and warning management as well as indexation, page experience, link, traffic and ranking health checks.

(available for client review on request)

GRAVITY ECOM Technical Framework
This covers our specific growth activity including Indexation & Link Structure optimisation, Topic Content Clustering, Category and Product Improvements, E.A.T & General Quality improvement.

(available for client review on request)

GRAVITY Content Creation Framework
This framework covers a broad range of topics including Writing for Economy, UX, Answers, NLP, Depth & Authority.

(available for client review on request)


UFO Audit Framework
SPACE has developed an 80+ point audit framework used to analyse client websites. This framework is the catalyst for our A/B testing activity and covers 4 broad areas of activity: Consumer Confidence, UX Principles, Category & Product Interfaces, Basket & Checkout screens.

(available for client review on request)

UFO Setup Framework
SPACE has created a setup framework that focuses on the following:

  • Data Accuracy & Goals
  • Live Data & Feedback
  • User Testing & Competitor Feedback

GRAVITY Templates / Codebase

The GRAVITY headless CMS will work with most front end frameworks via API integration. The following are prebuilt however, available to be used by client developers as desired and free of charge.

GRAVITY Universal CSS Templates
This template provides a quick start for client developer teams looking for fast integration with our GRAVITY CMS. Current versions are available on Github.

For developers wishing to use REACT, a pre-built solution is available. Current versions on Github


SPACE uses a number of industry tools to support our program.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Optimise
  • Google Search Console
  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • Yellowfish AI
  • Screamingfrog

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